Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mandatory Safety Days

The Weld County 4-H Shooting Sports Council is holding 
Mandatory Safety Days. FIRST year members and FIRST 
time/new discipline (example if you have shot .22 in the past 
but want to try archery you have to come to one of these 
classes) are REQUIRED to attend one of the safety days.
Check-in starts at 8:30 am and the program will begin at 
9:00 am. For your convenience this class will be offered at 
two different times and locations. The first class will be held 
on March 2, 2013 in the 4-H Building at Island Grove Park in 
Greeley. The second class will be held on April 6, 2013 at the 
Keenesburg Fairgrounds. For both classes, sign up will begin 
at 8:30 am and the class will run from approximately 9:00 am 
- 12:00 pm (noon).